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Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic Egypt Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose of Exotic Egypt is to offer advertisement space and airtime to anyone in Egypt who intends to offer sensual or escort services. This website is the go-to escort directory in the whole of Egypt. So, escorts being our clients, we have to make sure that they have all it takes to be able to be listed here.

No one should feel prejudiced due to lack of answers to their pertinent questions. Don’t be held back, every of your question will be responded to with utmost accuracy.


Question: What is the minimum age for joining Exotic Egypt?

Answer: The minimum age for joining Exotic Egypt is 18 years. Anyone below the Egyptian standard age of majority is prohibited from engaging in online adult activities.

Question: Do I need to be an experienced escort to join Exotic Egypt?

Answer: What is essential is great interpersonal skills. You must be a people person. The longer you stay, the more experience gets.

Question: Is Exotic Egypt a pimping agency?

Answer: Not at all. Exotic Egypt is just an escort listing directory. We only provide advertisement space for those who intend to offer escort services.

Question: Is sex involved?

Answer: Exotic Egypt basically offers individuals advertisement space. Whatever service is offered to clients is within the full discretion of an escort. Exotic Egypt does not ask escorts what to offer to clients.

Question: Must I have a car when joining Exotic Egypt?

Answer: Absolutely not. A car is just a plus but is a necessity. There are many transportation options in Egypt. You can use Uber, PSVs, and many more.

Question: Does Exotic Egypt allow foreigners to join?

Answer: Exotic Egypt allows everyone with proper license and permit to live and work in Egypt. If you are a foreigner and want to join Exotic Egypt, make sure you have proper documents.

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