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Escorts From Cairo

    Cairo, Egypt

    Cairo is the largest city in Egypt which also serves as its capital city. It is located in the northeastern part of Egypt along the River Nile’s banks. It serves as the gateway to the Nile Delta, where the  lower Nile separates into the Rosetta and Damietta branches.

    Cairo city population is about 11 million people while the metro area has a population of about 22 million people. The city is predominantly Muslim although there is a significant number of Egyptian Christians, the majority of whom observe the Coptic Orthodox faith, continue to dominate certain districts in the city. Remnants of the old Italian, Greek, and Jews.

    The City attracts millions of tourists who throng Egypt every year to uncover its mysteries especially around ancient pyramids, tombs, and settlements.  Cairo is also a leader in the manufacturing industry, and irrigation agriculture.

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    Escorts from Cairo

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